an informal interview about art + whatnot

This video is sort of a primer to my art. It is an informal interview with Kirsten Marie Hedeland, where we cover ideation and workflow. As a result, we also discuss alleged perfectionism, detail obsession and my fondness for mornings. By the way, it is quite evident that I am not used to giving interviews. Nevertheless, I feel this talk somehow captures the essence of my work. Oh, and the video clip is a great opportunity for you to practice your Danish whilst reading English subtitles.

Personally, I am having difficulty coming to terms with something. It is simply this. Many people consider artists part of their own product. I am not saying they are wrong, and the interest can be flattering. But it takes a little getting used to. Especially, if you think your art is more interesting than yourself, then it suddenly becomes a daunting job.

I guess it is the cognitive dissonance involved. You have to somehow make friends with it. Look, here you are being asked in an interview to explain your art, knowing full well, that you cannot control how others perceive your art anyway. So people appear genuinely interested in knowing what you had in mind, and then they still end up drawing their own conclusions.

Fortunately, there is a concept behind each painting to share. It makes it easier for me to explain than someone who must say ‘I did this for the sheer hell of it’. The latter must be true for lots of non-objective abstract art, and that is fabulous, don’t you think? Another example is the magical realist Bo Bartlett. He works on many sketches first and the sketches suddenly tells him why he must turn them into paintings. Simply, he realises what episode in his life it is all about. There is an inherent beauty to letting your creativity examine and contextualise aspects of your life for you.

Anyhow, great many thanks to the art gallery.

Disclaimer and credit due

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