the chroma series

The Chroma series of paintings take their cue point from colour to set a certain mood. This has, of course, no or little to do with with fauvists, post-impressionists and expressionists.

Rather, it explores what one dominant color range can do to support each motif. Chroma is the intensity of a hue, and with few exceptions the paintings play on everything from high chroma to low chroma, but uniformly and consistently on each painting. That colour sets the mood is apparent enough, and the contrast between each painting is stark indeed. One of the challenges I have experienced exhibiting the series together, is that the paintings either require lots of space round them to isolate them, or must be arranged in a certain order that does not necessarily fit the exhibition venue.

The same challenge is evident when you attempt to string them together online into a slideshow. A simple fade in and fade out transition was not enough. This explains in part why I have chosen to go from each motif to the next with a kaleidoscopic feel.

In other words each painting is to their own, which is is fine considering that most people acquire one painting at the time. But as a series it is not a harmonious entity although the paintings are tied together with the same idea.

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chroma cone