My paintings tend to fit into series or cycles if you will. I.e. they are groups of works that loosely share the same concept. Below you find a short introduction to each of the series of paintings.

Art intended to examine the human condition in the context of technology. We as a species have always been shaped by technology at a steady pace. But with AI singularity, robotics, augmented reality, genetic experiments and superhuman prosthetics the learning curve is exponential.


The paintings are motifs coming out of the fog or some diffuse mist. Caligo literally means fog in Latin, and the idea here is the subconscious suddenly can let archetypes emerge very clear from the unclear, revealing dark as well as light traits. This is an extension of the Mythos series of work


The paintings within chroma take their cue point from colour to set a certain mood. This has, of course, no or little commonality with fauvists, and expressionists. Rather, it explores what one dominant color range can do to support each motif.


You have guessed it, misc or miscellaneous means single paintings that stand alone and were not intended to be part of a set group of work.


A series celebrating storytelling by fusing the vilified history painting with contemporary figuration. Myths resonates with us and who we are precisely because they are unashamedly fantastic. Hence the name Mythos.


We are constantly representing and reinventing ourselves in public. We are also increasingly living in urban jungles under constant surveillance by people who have risen to power owing to their alarming levels of pathological narcissism. It all lead to the title Narcipolis.


Nord means ‘North’ which is figurative motifs that are depict the atmosphere, ambience and light of the Nordics.


These figurative works have been painted to portray persons who sat for the portraits. If you want to discuss the possibility of having a portrait made to order, please do not fret about contacting me. It never costs anything to talk.