0g is a painting that draws on the dramatic character Columbina (Columbine), from the Italian commedia dell’arte. In the muted pantomime and the plays with voice and sound, you are being introduced to her role. She is Harlequin’s mistress, a comic servant otherwise playing the wife of Pierrot. She is the only person in the performance who you might perceive having any cunning and situation awareness. The others are just clowning about. The ironic choice of her name is no coincidence. In Italian it means ‘little dove”.

The mask she is hiding behind in this composition, is made slightly unreal to indicate her adeptly adaptive nature. This half mask is used in Venice Masquerades and called Columbina. Over the years these masks have become popular at masquerade balls, because unlike full maskes, they enable the wearer to eat and drink more easily.

As a character, Columbina dates back to 1530. She belonged to Pierrot, fended off amorous advances of Pantalone. Sometimes she was chased after by Arlecchino/Harlequin other times she flirted with him.

2b insitu
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Title/Titel/Titel/Títolo #0G, Acrylic and oil on canvas/ Akryl und Öl auf Leinwand/Akryl og olie på lærred/acrílico e óleo sobre tela 100x100cm.