0E (Weather is here — wish you were nice) is a painting that is a sort of a holiday snap someone could have taken, and sent off as holiday greeting. In the past this would typically be a postcard. Today it tends more to be a selfie post on Social Media captured for free on one’s mobile camera. But the idea is the same.

This painting had the clear goal of working on the so-called economy of signifieds. How could one have a clean, dynamic and uncluttered composition of a relaxed woman leaning against a wall. Yet at the same time say the woman is fun to hang out with; and at the same time bring in the surroundings and a sense of sunny climes?

It was solved by the dyed hair, the hard shadows in her face that says about 1.30-2.30pm, reflection of the environment in the sun glasses, and dappled shade on the wall.

“Weather is here — wish you were nice” is mockery of the friendly but trite phrase “Wish you were here. The weather is nice” which used to be written on many holiday postcards in the past.

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Title/Titel/Titel/Títolo #0E, Acrylic and oil on canvas/ Akryl und Öl auf Leinwand/Akryl og olie på lærred/acrílico e óleo sobre tela 80x60cm, Year/Jahr/År/Ano 2018, anders dyhr.

0E in situ