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About my life in art

Thanks for hanging out with me. Your interest in my work is deeply appreciated. I’m a sort-of-regular person, artist, and designer. In retrospect, my oeuvre is best summed up as a mixed bag of experiments. However, narrative figuration has turned out not only to be my greatest passion but also my most enduring interest.

To many people, art is good when contextualised by someone. Hence this site. One minor concern, in all this, is that art tends to die when artists decide to talk about it at great length. While there is always a concept behind visual art, there is a reason why it is being visualised and not said in words. Some might even argue that words and images are two separate languages as similar as chalk and cheese.

For me at least, the magic of art is that everyone projects their very own meaning into it regardless of what the artist intended. So there you have it. It is all about you — in case you didn’t know. Please feel free to start a conversation, you can ask me anything.